The meeting will be taking place in the Assapheum - the main venue of the Von Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen - in the city district Gadderbaum/Bethel.

  How to get there?

For general information on public transport, follow this link.

For a location/street map, see to your right.

The address of the Assapheum is Bethelplatz 1

If you are taking public transport (tram or bus), you need to get off at the stop Bethel - it is a 5 minute walk from there.

Coming from Jahnplatz - the main transportation hub in the city's center - take the
  • Tram:
    • Tram line number 1 - direction Senne (every ~10 minutes)
  • Bus:
    • Line 29 - direction Schildhof  
    • Line 28 - direction Ummeln
    • Lines 87, 95 and 187 also stop at Bethel
If you need travel directions coming from elsewhere, please follow this link for a journey planner. Enter Bethelplatz in the destination's stop field. See also general information on public transport.

Location map

  • Green house with flag is the venue - Assapheum; its approx. a 5 minute walk from the Tram line 1 stop Bethel (blue tram marker) - that's also where most buses stop.

Click on the map or follow this link to open a PDF document with clickable Google Street view shots of what you'll be seeing on your 5 minute walk to the Assapheum. 
  • When travelling by tram or most buses, you'll be getting off at the stop Bethel (blue tram marker / purple dot on the blue route (Tram line 1)).
  • Cross the Artur-Ladebeck-Straße into the Gadderbauemer Straße; turn to your right and follow Kantensiek for a few meters before turning right again onto Königsweg. Continue on the Königsweg (which turns left a bit abruptly after about 200m). Walk to the end of the Königsweg and then walk under an underpass right onto the Bethelplatz. You've reached the Assapheum (green house).