Bielefeld does not have a domestic or international airport (There's one for corporate planes, for those of you with that option.).
However, we're easily reachable anyway; if you're not coming by car, you'll have to use the train from any of a number of airport destinations. Bielefeld is on the train line Ruhr/Cologne - Berlin, so it's serviced at least half-hourly. Check the details below.

  The travel "how-to"

First - check out where you want to land
  • Follow this link or just see box below. 
  • Also take a close look at the map to your right and open it in a new window. 
Second - get your train schedule
Only Paderborn and Dortmund Airports (unlikely destinations anyway) need some bus transfer. 
All other airports are directly serviced by Deutsche Bahn and/or affiliates, metro or tram - and all scheduling can be checked on the Deutsche Bahn sites. 
To check the schedules either...
  • See individual departure times:
    Follow this link
  • Make your own individual PDF timetable: 
    Follow this link
  • Get the Deutsche Bahn smartphone app (Android, Windows, Apple). 
Note, that though Bielefeld and the airports on return are serviced up to late in the night, travel may take time necessitating some tricky planning so your not left somewhere in the middle of the night.

Map of airports

Open the map in a new window for a better overview of details (airport names, travel details, etc.)
  • Click on the airport icon shows you some flight connection details.
  • Clicking on the routes shows you transfer information from the airport to Bielefeld.