Public transport

Getting around in Bielefeld is easy. The city is serviced by our local operator moBiel - with four tram lines (and short stretches of underground!) and many more bus routes - up until about 1:00 AM. Thereafter - or before if you wish - taxis will cover the rest.

  The arrival "how to"

For specific transport details to the venue, follow this link.
For general information on public transport, follow this link or just see other box further down.

On arrival at Bielefeld Main Station,
    • you can catch the tram (tram stop is underground - the entrance (marker B) is just 100m away from the Hauptbahnhof); or take a cab.
 Main Station (A) and entry to Tram terminal (B)

    • or take a walk into the city's center (main pedestrian area - marker P (about a 5 min. walk)) or continue to the old town's main square (marker S - another 10 min.). Most hotels are on or close to this route.

  The public transport
  "all you need to know"

For specific transport details to the venue, follow this link.

  • All tram lines (1, 2, 3 and 4) pass through the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) - and stop at Jahnplatz, the main transportation hub in the city's center (pink pin marker on the map below - there's an information office there); so there's little you can do wrong!
  • Tram line number 1 (blue line on the map below) - direction Senne, when coming from the Main Station and city's center - is the one servicing our venue (green house on the map).
  • Many bus services stop at Jahnplatz - check scheduling below if you need to use them.
  • For detailed maps see top right of the page for links.

See the instructions below and then follow the link.

  • Single tickets cost 2.10€ for longer trips and 1.50€ for most all city center routes. You can buy four by the roll for 7.20€ and 5.20€ respectively. 
  • If you're taking the tram, you must buy your ticket in advance from vending machines clearly visible on or before platforms  - and then stamp them on the train.
  • If your taking the bus, you can buy the ticket from the driver on board. 


Taxis are beige and they're always from Mercedes!
  • You can try flagging down a taxi - sometimes that works.
  • You can get one a any of a large number of drop-offs.
  • You can call one of the following numbers:
    • 97 111
    • 44 43 66
    • 6 51 51
Taxis cost 5.80€ for the first two kilometers (daytime), thereafter 1.60€ per further kilometer.
  • That means for any trip from the Bielefeld Main Station to one of the inner city hotel's you'll pay no more than the minimum charge;
  • the same goes from the hotel's to the venue.
  • For the hotel located furthest from the city's center the charge would be aroung 16€.

Tram and bus map

Click on the map to open the map in a new window (it's a map of bus routes (in red), the tram and the railway) 


see in a new window a  
  • tram route map (small PDF file) - click here
  • complete (bus and tram) schematic route map (moderately large PDF file) - click here
  • complete (bus and tram) geographic route map (very large PDF file) - click here