Hotel reservations

As you may have noticed, Bielefeld is not New York or Tokio. Though there are plenty of hotel rooms available, not all are in the city's center - close to the venue. Also, there's a bit of competition coming from a large exihibition taking place at the same time near by.
Therefore, please take care to make hotel arrangements in time - at latest by Monday, 17th September 2012.
Thereafter, we cannot guarantee free hotel rooms. Please let us know if you'll be having trouble meeting this deadline.
Note, that in contrast to previous EDA meetings there is no one "single" congress hotel.

  The reservations

First - check out which hotel suits you best:
  • Follow this link or just see box below; you can click on the hotel name to open a map and then link to the homepage of the hotel
Second - book your hotel:
There are three options to book your hotel - the first option is the best:
  1. Use the hotel reservation system provided by the city of Bielefeld - we've been offered special conditions.
    Option 1: Follow this link
  2. There are also rooms available for direct booking (for the ParkInn, the Arcadia and the Lindenhof hotels) - choose this alternative if rooms for these hotels are no longer available using option 1. 
    Option 2: Follow this link.
  3. If all else fails, you can try one of the generic hotel reservation systems - and contact us!
    Option 3: Follow this link

Map of city center hotels

If you want to see other hotel locations - open the map in a new window.

Figure 1. ;)
  • Hotels in the city's center available for booking are marked; see instructions to your left and box below. 
  • Green house with flag is the venue - Assapheum; its approx. 5 minutes walk from the Tram line 1 stop Bethel (blue tram marker) - that's also where most buses stop.
  • Blue (Tram line 1), green (Tram line 2), yellow (Tram line 3), red (Tram line 4) lines are the tram routes - all pass through the central station and city center (Jahnplatz - the city's main transportation hub is marked with the pink pin).
  • The light blue cocktail glass is our night-out venue.